Rescuers Found Kitten Through a Fence and the Kitty Was Not Alone

 Rescuers saw a little kitten in a hole in the fence and found her brothers and sisters.

Alley Cat Rescue

Rescuers from Alley 
cat v Rescue were working on a trap-neutral project in the vicinity of the Los Angeles subway station in May. They found a little kitten pushing her head through a wooden fence in a hole while they were there, but she wasn't alone.

The kitten was with her siblings, and all of them needed medical care. Rescuers came into action and gave them security and puppy insurance.

Meeps, the weakest kitten in the litter, hung all her strength. Her eyes have been screened because of infection.

"They have been highly diseased, requiring several rounds of antibiotics, eye ointment, gout-free gland medicines, probiotics, and multi-parasite treatment for prolonged upper respiratory infections," the Desiree Stapley from Alley Cat Rescue shared with Love Meow.

"Meeps was the sickest and smallest and we didn't know whether she'd survive, let alone see her again😥😥 Neither alley cat allies were in good health.

The kittens were fostered by marvellous volunteers. In the weeks to come, they were treated 24 hours a day to help them recover.

Meeps needed extra attention to her eyes, but after every meal she never complained and cuddled with her custodians.

She snuggled in her warm, comfortable bed with her siblings - they were so pleased that they had a safe environment to stay after a hard time.

The kittens began to improve and gain weight and strength with a roof over their heads, adequate care to regain and much love to go around. "These kitties were taken healthy by a village."

Meeps surprised everybody and developed an endearing personality with her incredible will to live.

"This delightful sweet girl is in the right place looking for love. On your computer keyboard it rolls around and sprinkles until you can't resist."

"She is sitting on her shoulder waiting patiently for a tea break. Your Bear brother's another snuggler and Prue is also your sweetest baby, the diluted calico."

"She has the most marvellous personality after all - eye medicine for months every day," Desiree told Love Meow.

"She got everything clear last Thursday at the VCA ophthalmologist. Her eyes look awesome."

Meeps and her siblings are nearly three months old and have gained strength and limit. She's still the smallest kitty, but she certainly makes up for the personality that she doesn't have in size.

The small feline family is ready for their next life chapter – their loving homes forever.

Meeps went from a kitten who couldn't see, to a gorgeous girl with bright eyes.

Look at her now!

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